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This January, we are focussing on three themes here at Destination Bromsgrove –

·       Physical Health

·       Mental Health

·       Financial Health

So, how can Bromsgrove High Street market traders help us in our mission?

Physical Health

Exercise is good for you!!! It’s a simple as that.

Take a stroll around the various stalls that are in the High Street every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday – it’s amazing how quickly those steps add up. We have all seen recommendations on how many steps we ‘should’ take on a daily basis to improve our health, some backed by science, some not.

Here at Destination Bromsgrove we are all about choice, you choose what level of exercise you take – even one extra step is going to be of benefit so start at a level that suits you and slowly build up.

Take advantage of the excellent fresh produce that is available to you from our fantastic, friendly stall holders. From the freshest fruit and vegetables to the finest fish, there is something for everyone on the market.

Mental Health

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet” – W. B. Yeates

What better place to stop and have a chat with friends old and new?

Bromsgrove High Street market is always busy, both with local residents and visitors alike. Take time to stop and chat, maybe grab a coffee and just watch the world go by.

The amazing stallholders are always keen to discuss their produce - from fantastic fudge to champion cheeses – our stallholders are passionate about what they do.

Talk to the stallholders for recipe ideas and maybe try some produce that you’ve never tried before – they are always happy to help.

Financial Health

Our market stalls offer excellent value for money on both new and pre-loved goods.

From clothing to vinyl records, the range of goods on the market is diverse, all offering excellent value for money.

As we know, times are tough for many right now and the market offers a great place to shop whilst watching the pennies.

Let’s not forget our stallholders, any money that is spent in the market goes directly to the traders – no middlemen, no commission, no fees.

If you spend £10.00 in the market, that money stays within the High Street community that we are all working so hard to promote.

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