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Embracing Dry January

New Year New You? Let’s start by supporting local businesses and prioritising your wellbeing this January.

As the festive season winds down, January often brings with it a collective desire for a fresh start and a renewed focus on health and wellbeing. One growing trend that aligns perfectly with the Destination Bromsgrove January Theme of New Year New You, is ‘Dry January’ a movement where individuals don’t drink alcohol for the entire month of January. Beyond personal health benefits Dry January presents a unique opportunity to celebrate Bromsgrove High Street by trying all the alcohol-free beverages that the bars, restaurants and cafes have to offer. From mocktails and nosecco to alcohol free beer there will be something for everyone to enjoy this January down the High Street.

There are numerous health benefits that come with abstaining from alcohol for a month including improved liver function and better sleep to increased energy levels. Often leaving people feeling physically rejuvenated by the end of January. Mental clarity can be improved with some people who have taken part in Dry January before explaining it has reduced anxiety, enhanced focus and created a general sense of mental wellbeing during a period of no alcohol. Alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to restless nights. Individuals who participate in Dry January may experience improved sleep quality leading to increased productivity.


Dry January is an excellent opportunity to build social connections without the presence of alcohol. Bars, restaurants and cafes will play a pivotal role in Dry January celebrations, meaning we can all enjoy a fantastic social atmosphere without compromising commitment to Dry January. Many people find that refraining from alcoholic beverages leads to other healthy lifestyle choices which can turn into healthy habits for the year if started in January. Joining a gym or trying out a local fitness class or wellbeing workshop can enhance your mental and physical wellbeing alongside the reduction of alcohol.


Let’s embrace Dry January in Bromsgrove, not just as a personal commitment to health but also a chance to strengthen our community by supporting local businesses on the High Street. Whilst choosing a month of sobriety individuals can discover the vibrant and diverse offerings on the High Street and perhaps create a positive ripple effect that lasts far beyond January. So, let the celebration begin, and here’s to a healthier, happier and more connected community in the New Year.

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